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In order to facilitate company Payroll Budget calculations we have developed on-line calculators. You can use them to calculate all accruals and the deductions from the salary as well as company payroll expenses in Bulgaria.

Payroll in Bulgaria

Processing of salaries, social securities and taxes is often a complex and confidential matters that require full knowledge and careful study of the changes in regulatory requirements.

To process the payroll agenda of your employees on a high-quality level you would need at least a payroll accountant, a lawyer and a quality software, apart from additional related indirect costs. Moreover, deadlines would appear in your calendar steadily which you have to keep in carrying out wages-related matters, deadlines provided for by law and, thus, mandatory for you.

Through by outsourcing of the payroll administration we shall unload you of any related concern. We provide payroll services to our respected customers of all staff of the company or only of the management team when strict confidentiality is required.

Our payroll services include the calculation of net royalties, taxes and insurance, preparing payment documents, on-line banking, servicing of special bank account, which is used only for payment of salaries in order to keep confidentiality.


Consultation about the form of recruitment. Calculation of sick leave and paid leaves.


Preparation of labor and civil contracts. Registration and re-registration of labor contracts in National Revenue Agency.

Payroll Ledgers

Preparation of monthly payroll ledgers and pay slips. In English. Reports for insured persons in the register of the National Security Institute.


Calculation of payroll costs by departments and projects. Various managerial reports on personnel costs. Information in English.

Payroll Deadline

Ongoing tracking of pay and insurance deadlines. Preparation of all payment orders. Online banking.


Representation before the social security authorities during audits. Submission of all necessary documents to the relevant institutions.

Quality and Care

We understand that confidentiality in the processing of pay is essential. Therefore, our system can automatically send each month to each of your employee e-mail, containing pass protected file containing the personal salary slip.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and together we will evaluate which service package is most suitable for processing the salaries of your employees.

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