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Company Registration in Bulgaria

K&K Accounting can help you with fast and favorable business registration, VAT registration, and subsequent accounting and payroll services. We have a long-standing partnership with several law firms that are among the most trusted for a company registration in the country. The unique teamwork, we have built over the years, allows us to provide а complete service at a reasonable price, eliminating unnecessary steps in the process, without additional costs for the client. The service includes all the necessary procedures and registrations for a working company, including VAT registration, online banking assistance, accountant authorization and more.

Our specialists have sufficient experience and knowledge not only to register your company, but also to advise you for:

  • The most appropriate structure in view of the applicable taxation
  • The optimal amount of initial capital
  • What are the first steps after registration
  • VAT registration planning
  • Tax effects on financing with owner funds
  • Owners and managers social securities
  • Issuing of invoices to clients and client contracts from a tax point of view
  • Documentation of expenses for tax purposes
Most common clients’ choices:
  • Registration of Limited Liability Company (Ltd, LLC, GmbH)
  • Registration of a branch of a foreign trader in of Bulgaria
  • Registration of a trade representative office in Bulgaria
Our administrative services include:
  • Issuance of company status updates from the Bulgarian Trade register
  • Issuance of documents for the presence or absence of tax liabilities
  • Submission of documents to different institutions
  • Translation and legalization of documents
  • Declaring of loans in the Central Bank

Please see the list with the banks operating in Bulgaria.


Yes: A Limited Liability Company (OOD) can be formed by one or more individuals or entities. Sole Owned Limited Liability Company (EOOD) is a company formed by one individual or one entity (sole shareholder).

Shareholders: Each shareholder is entitled to receive a share of the company profit equal to the personal share in the capital. The shareholders are responsible for the company’s obligations up to the value of their contribution to the capital.

Manager: There is no legal requirement for the manager to be a Bulgarian citizen. In case there is several managers each of them could act independently unless the memorandum of association provides otherwise.

Company name: Company name has to be unique written in Cyrillic as additional can be written in Latin. At first you have to check name for uniqueness in the Bulgarian Trade Register and it is advisable to reserve it in the Register before the registration procedure. We can help you with that check. Just write us.

The minimum required capital is 2.00 BGN (~1.00 EUR). The recommended amount of capital is the sum of the first initial costs for the company registration and other costs that are necessary before starting to generate income.

The capital is divided into shares. The minimum amount per share is 1.00 BGN. Every shareholder has to transfer the sum for his part from his own bank account on his name into a special bank account opened in Bulgaria.

Once the documents are submitted in the Trade Registers usually it takes up to 5 – 6 business days. When the company is ready you you need to come to Bulgaria to transform your deposit account into a current bank account and apply for VAT registration. Then VAT registration takes 14 day.

Seat and address: The company seat address has to be in Bulgaria. The address is the address of the management activities. Operational office can be different from the company address. You can use services of virtual office for company seat address.

Tax address: The tax address is the address in Bulgaria for correspondence with the National Revenue Agency and the National Social Security Institute. This is the address where revenue authorities can contact the taxpayer. Tax address has to be written in the registration documents if it different from the company address. K&K Accounting provides tax address for the clients with accounting services contract.

Tax email: VAT-registered entities are required to specify a mailbox for correspondence with the NRA. K&K Accounting provides tax address for the clients with accounting services contract.

In order to open a bank account in Bulgaria you have to visit the country. The banks have strict rules connected with anti-money laundering regulations so they make a thorough check for every client.

Our attorneys can assist you in opening a bank account in Bulgaria. Please find a list of the banks operating in Bulgaria with their contacts and web sites.

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