K&K Accounting

20+ Years of Practice
200+ Clients from 10 countries

Flexible prices. Optimize your fee.

Accounting Services

Monthly detailed statement of financial results included in service in English. Confidentiality and timeliness.

Tax Compliance

We begin work for each new client with a careful initial internal audit of compliance with accounting, tax and payroll legislation. We draw a map of deadlines and requirements by the end of the year.

Company Registration

Our specialists have sufficient experience and knowledge not only to register your company, but also to advise you on the most appropriate structure in view of the applicable taxation, VAT registration and requirement.

Who Are We

Formed in 1999, K&K Accounting is a well respected accounting company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a member of Integra International a global association of accounting firms, covering 70+ countries with 150+ offices worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your accounting, then our services are just right for you.

We provide

  • Daily connection with personal accountant and manager for every client
  • Detailed P&L of your financial status each month
  • Regular and understandable explanations and accounting updates
  • Monthly report on our work
  • Excel Accounting Base with all accounting operations
  • Respect to each client – small or big one

We have

  • Practical experience in handling a variety of activities
  • Extensive experience with international clients
  • Trained staff to work with confidential information
  • Competent and a great team with a rolling training
  • Excellent internal procedures and accounting practices
  • Transparent and reasonable priced services

Quality and Сare

In a constantly changing legislation and increasing regulatory requirements the most appropriate option is to provide our professionals to take care of your company’s accounting.

We develop tax-compliant tax policies, providing clear, comprehensive and timely advice to you’re your management decisions.

Working closely with our clients, we offer innovative and practical solutions that help improve the company’s internal financial and control systems.

Save your time at reasonable price