Shelf Companies

Buy ready-made company and start business already today. K&K Accounting offers a selection of shelf companies with no business activities, so called ready-made company that have never traded before.

What advantages the ready-made companies bring?

  • you can start running your business as soon as possible as they have already been registered in the Trade Register
  • name of the company, its office and directors can be changed easily within a few days
  • the companies have no debts, their basic capital is fully paid up, there have no receivables or liabilities
  • they keep their accountancy properly and all their statutory duties are fulfilled, which enables you to participate in tenders

Our service package for sale and transfer of a ready-made company also includes:

  • transfer of business shares & management control
  • changing the name if needed
  • changing the address if needed
  • preparation and submission of all application for registration of changes in the Trade Register
  • notifying respective local authorities about changes
  • provision of virtual office, if required

If you are looking for a reliable partner as regards to administration of the purchased company, we are ready to provide you with further services inevitable for proper business ( Accounting, Payroll, Tax compliance)